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VRP is a Veteran Owned and Operated local fencing contractors in Chennai.

#9994166506 call  We provide our fence clients with excellent service. VRP Fencing Contractor in Chennai is striving to take the fence industry to new levels of expectation. If you are looking for first-class fence installation service, you have come to the right place! We aim to be friendly and approachable. We provide all types of fencing for your residential or commercial application. We offer Chain Link Fencing, Barbed Wire,GI Wire,PVC Wire and composite fencing. Family owned and operated vrp Fencing contractors in chennai is committed to providing the finest fence products and quality installation.fencing contractors in chennai

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VRP Fencing Contractors works hard to have as little turn over within our company as possible. With experienced fence crews in place and proper workmanship we can provide great fence product. VRP Fencing contractors delivers to it’s customers a year of warranty on workmanship, starting with the date of installation.


VRP Fencing Contractors in Chennai having excellent employees in them hand, Our fencing staffs work with an cooperative with others. Our fencing staffs have always works with an busy schedule in the same field. Our experienced team will be happy to advise you on all stages of your fencing project. We pride ourselves on offering a range of high quality services at competitive prices. we have a fully qualified team of professional delivery operatives who strive to provide a fast and reliable delivery service.


VRP was leading Fencing Contractors in the market providing quality services with an experience of 15 years , our fencing contractors gives you the Best quality of fencing materials and fine fencing services to our valuable customers.

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Our fencing contractors provides a full complement of fence accessories and decoratives, fence hardwares including fence Concrete posts, fence caps, fence lighting, motorized fence hardware, ornamental fence toppers, and outriggers in all shapes, styles and sizes are provided by fencing contractors

Total Fence was installed by an expertised fencers.Our skilled staff can design, install, service and maintain your new fence. When choosing or replacing a fence, our fencing contractors in chennai specialists can assess your requirements and recommend the best solution to meet your needs.

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VRP fencing Contractors in Chennai offers the widest selection of materials and designs. Every fence we build is unique in quality and design. We have chosen suppliers with high standards for material quality, durability, and value. Combined with our Fencing services expert, meticulous installation, it is s a combination you cant beat anywhere.

Who We are ?

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Fencing contractors should Comes with a proven, established skilled crew appropriate for the Work without any sub contract.

  • Should be properly certified.
  • Attention to finishing The Fencing work by an fencing contractors with quick in time and perfect.
  • Fencers should be Reliable.
  • Putting a Best Quality Fences and Concrete poles definitely shows the Fencing contractors in chennai was a Best .
  • Providing a warranty and guarantee to their products and services by an Fencing contractors in chennai
  • When Customers expecting the fences in urgent , they should gives them a priority and keeps the project on track.
  • Good customer service should be Maintained by Fencing service provider after an Installation of fences.


What is Fencing ?

Fencing means preventing a movement in an particular area.Fences are made with

  • Galvanized mild steel fencing for wire fence
  • Springy steel wire fencing contractors used to restrict the predators into a farm land
  • Light weight steel wire fencing for an electric fence
  • Synthetic vinyl coated PVC fences are also used.

Fences are mostly prefered for its light weight,mobility, gives clear vision to an fencing area,barbed wire fences are easy to construct,free air rotation to the fenced area,low cost,high reliability and low maintenance are maintained by fencing contractors in chennai.These factors highly differed from protecting the area with strong wall or by an concrete.Generally we are using the fences for an purpose of Real estate property,Protecting Agricultural crops from animals, for cattles maintaining, parks, gardens, Play grounds..etc.

Overall fences are the steel body guards to your property


We are showing you here our images of our Fencing materials used for our fence we always choose the right quality of products with an right value,

see our fencing materials.

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